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Lycamobile APN settings for Xiaomi Mi 5c

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Xiaomi Mi 5c does not support Lycamobile LTE at this time.

Explain Xiaomi Mi 5c compatibility with Lycamobile

Lycamobile 4G LTE APN with Xiaomi Mi 5c

Xiaomi Mi 5c does not support Lycamobile 4G LTE.

Sorry, but it does not look like Xiaomi Mi 5c will work on Lycamobile. But please note that the compatibility of Xiaomi Mi 5c with Lycamobile, or the Lycamobile network support on Xiaomi Mi 5c we have explained here is only a technical specification match between Xiaomi Mi 5c and Lycamobile network. Even Xiaomi Mi 5c is listed as not compatible here, still Lycamobile network can allow (rarely) Xiaomi Mi 5c in their network with special agreements made between Lycamobile and Xiaomi. Therefore, this only explains if the commonly available versions of Xiaomi Mi 5c will work properly on Lycamobile or not, if so in which bands Xiaomi Mi 5c will work on Lycamobile and the network performance between Lycamobile and Xiaomi Mi 5c. To check if Xiaomi Mi 5c is really allowed in Lycamobile network please contact Lycamobile support. Do not use this website to decide to buy Xiaomi Mi 5c to use on Lycamobile.

Xiaomi Mi 5c network specifications

OS Android 7.1 (Nougat)
Network bands LTE
Network frequencies - SIM 1 & SIM 2
LTE band 38(2600), 39(1900), 40(2300), 41(2500)
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