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Virgin APN settings for Palm Palm

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Palm Palm is not compatible with Virgin , compatible with Virgin HSDPA and Palm Palm is not compatible with Virgin LTE.

Virgin Internet & MMS APN settings

In your Palm Palm app drawer, go to Settings Connections Mobile networks Access Point Names

Add a new APN by pressing ADD on right top corner. If Palm Palm has already set values for Virgin 2 for any fields below leave them. Change others as below.

Name: Virgin 2
APN: general.t-mobile.uk
Username: user
Password: pass
MMSC: http://mmsc.t-mobile.co.uk:8002
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
Authentication type:
APN type:
APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified
APN PPP phone number: Not set

Virgin 2 APN settings for Android 8 screenshot

Restart your Palm Palm to apply Virgin 2 APN settings.

If the above Virgin Internet & MMS APN settings do not work on your Palm, make below changes to Virgin Internet & MMS APN settings to get Virgin Media Mobile Internet on your Palm Palm.

MMS proxy193.30.166.2
APN typedefault,supl,mms
Authentication typePAP
MVNO typegid
MVNO value28

For Palm Palm, when you type Virgin APN settings, make sure you enter APN settings in correct case. For example, if you are entering Virgin Internet & MMS APN settings make sure you enter APN as general.t-mobile.uk and not as GENERAL.T-MOBILE.UK or General.t-mobile.uk. If entering Virgin Media Mobile Internet APN Settings above to your Palm Palm, APN should be entered as goto.virginmobile.uk and not as GOTO.VIRGINMOBILE.UK or Goto.virginmobile.uk.

Virgin MCC-MNC values


Palm Palm compatibility with Virgin

Palm Palm is compatible with below network frequencies of Virgin.

Not compatible
LTE Not compatible

Explain Palm Palm compatibility with Virgin

Virgin 3G APN with Palm Palm

Palm Palm supports Virgin 3G on HSDPA 2100 MHz.

Virgin 4G LTE APN with Palm Palm

Palm Palm does not support Virgin 4G LTE.

Overall compatibililty of Palm Palm with Virgin is 25%. The compatibility of Palm Palm with Virgin, or the Virgin network support on Palm Palm we have explained here is only a technical specification match between Palm Palm and Virgin network. Even Palm Palm is listed as compatible here, Virgin network can still disallow (sometimes) Palm Palm in their network using IMEI ranges. Therefore, this only explains if Virgin allows Palm Palm in their network, whether Palm Palm will work properly or not, in which bands Palm Palm will work on Virgin and the network performance between Virgin and Palm Palm. To check if Palm Palm is really allowed in Virgin network please contact Virgin support. Do not use this website to decide to buy Palm Palm to use on Virgin.

Palm Palm network specifications

OS Android 8.1 (Oreo)
Network bands HSPA / LTE
Network frequencies
HSDPA 2100
LTE band 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 12(700), 13(700), 17(700), 66(1700/2100)
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